We tamed the Dragon

Everyone knows that there are no shortages of entertainers. From human springs to LED orchestras there is something out there for everyone. Who would advise this as an industry to choose if you want to make a living? Well we love what we do and would never think of doing anything else. There is nothing better than performing to a group of people that are genuinely enjoying our performances, laughing the the right places and leaving extolling our virtues.

But it can be a lonely world and it will be no surprise to learn that rejection is a daily part of a performers life. So it’s amazing when you get a pat on the back. We know what we do is great, the feedback from our clients tells us this. But this week we got extra validation from the ex-dragon Theo Paphitis.

No stranger to creating and maintaining businesses Theo has supported hundreds of small businesses on the BBC Dragon’s Den programme. Each week he chooses a few small businesses that he feels are doing exceptionally well and he retweets his choices to his half a million followers.

In addition to our twitter feed being flooded with well wishers and good luck we will also be invited to join other winners to seminars and network events to promote ourselves and receive much needed advice about how to keep doing what we are doing brilliantly.

Tenacity, determination and creativity are vital for us. As is keeping our clients’ needs at the forefront of what we do. So this week we are patting ourselves on the back.

So can the Dragon be tamed. Yes of course, it just takes love, passion and sequins.