A new Virtual World ....

We can finally reveal some VERY exciting news. Blackwatch Entertainment is one of just 20 companies that have been funded by Creative XR to develop Game Over, an interactive journey into the failure of your own relationship. 

Over 250 applications were made so we are extremely proud to be working among some of the UK's most forward thinking creatives. 

Part video game, part live theatre show and part treasure hunt ‘Game Over’ invites audiences to take part in an immersive experience like no other.

You are returning to your apartment to pack up your things but before you leave can you work out where it all went wrong? Using augmented reality, live performance, sound scapes you get to join others to find the clues and work out what happened or it really will be Game Over. Can you save the relationship? As you move around your apartment objects will reveal clues into what happened, you will be tasked, you will get rewards but ultimately was it your fault? Was it hers? Do you have what it takes to press pause and reboot your relationship?

We are being joined by Circa69 to create this tremendous project and their skill in creating the technology to allow us to create a prototype which will attract video games as much as experience hunters.

A massive well done goes to the genius that is Bernie C. Byrnes for securing the funding for this creative project that has massive potential.

Let the fun begin. 

CreativeXR developed by Digital Catapult and Arts Council England, is designed to help content creators develop more ambitious prototypes and explore new ways of storytelling enabled by immersive technologies.

Since its inception CreativeXR has supported selected teams in two phases of the programme, from prototype funding through to funded projects. http://creativexr.co.uk/cohorts/#cohort-2019