Why us?

We like to think we are the best because we really care about what we do and how we do it. There is nothing more joyful to us than to perform to a group of guests laughing. We carefully structure our shows to strike the perfect balance of intrigue, drama, comedy and lots of puns.

It can be difficult to explain exactly what we do - after all you are buying blind. And there are lots of companies that claim to do what we do. So it can be minefield of which company to choose when they all look a little similar on paper (or screen).

 But who better to tell us why we are the company to choose than our clients and here's what they had to say:

 - You just sounded like you really enjoy what you do

  - Knowing you don't just contract your work out makes a difference.

  - Yes there are cheaper companies and way more expensive but the attention to detail and always knowing that we could ring at any time proves that you really do get what you pay for and more 

- We loved the script, it meant that there were twists and turns to the story and so much better than a murder mystery that we'd been to before that was just improvised on the night  

- We chose Blackwatch Entertainment because we loved the energy you bring. You really understand that our celebration was special and helped us make it personal and unique  

- For us it was the little added extras that you offered. It’s not about the big things, it’s the little touches that really count

- Knowing that you only use professional actors was important to us. It’s a benchmark of quality

- You just sound more organized that the other companies. You know what you are doing.

- We didn’t know what to expect and Blackwatch Entertainment exceeded all expectations. Nothing was a problem despite me asking a million questions

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Thank you for the best Birthday party EVER

party murder mystery

We care about your event as much as you do

Let us entertain you.

Fun,. Laughter.. And a few Murders too