'Thank you so much. I will recommend to to all and sundry!!! All the best. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!'

'Thank you so much. I will recommend to to all and sundry!!! All the best. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!'

Curiously Live

Phenomenal events created just for you

Experience a world of theatrical performance in a unique bespoke event. We're the experts in creativity and innovation helping you create a stunning celebration and unique memories .

An Immersive experience takes place around the guests. Fun & story telling is the heart of what we create. No event is ever the same twice. Whether you want a full evening of fun, a short Act or dining entertainment we assume anything is possible. Let our imagination run wild & our professional actors, performers & singers entertain you. From initial concept to stunning execution your event will be memorable for the right reasons.

Private Parties, Corporate Events, birthdays & even weddings we do it all. While we love to go large with many hundreds of guests and across multiple rooms we can turn the smallest of parties into amazing memories.

Have a look at some of our existing themes below. If you don't see what you want, give us a call on 020 7112 8804.



A Night to Remember

Take a trip back to the glamour of 1930s Hollywood. Film director Herbie Hinds' new movie A Night to Remember is going to get made. But Herbie and attorney Lou Pole have been running a notorious Speakeasy. Shady Lou is planning  a new life with Herbie's wife Holly Wood. So no surprises who's her new 'leading man'. 

The Mob haven't been paid & are not happy. Events take a shocking turn resulting in a spectacular finale. An interactive, immersive event which can be held over dinner or just drinks. Guests are given 'characters' and questions. They're encouraged to find out as much information as they can and choose how  involved they want to be.

This exciting event can be themed: Modern Day, 1930s or 40s Film Noir and can be multi roomed if required.

  The Mob haven't been paid & are furious

The Mob haven't been paid & are furious

Cabaret S.O.S

  The professional actors perform alongside the audience

The professional actors perform alongside the audience

Entertainment to get guests ready for a good time

Our comedy character cabaret is here to get your audience's toes tapping and singing along with our performers. Our cabaret girls bring their unique comedy, song and even a mini flash mob to your event. They start the event with something very personal - a song which features the name of an important guest or details about your company.

Then over the course of the evening they present a unique combination of patter, comedy songs and even test the vocal talents of your guests. The audience are encouraged join in as much as they want with well known favourites  including We Will Rock You, Sweet Caroline & Updown Funk.

For something totally different they present a history of dance in just five minutes. From 1920s Charleston, through 60s Twist and event a bit of Beyonce your guests will be able to recognize the famous dance crazes of yesteryear (and even recreate them on the dance floor later on.

So buckle up and get ready for a party you won’t forget (for the right reasons of course!).

  Their journey will take them into a story like no other

Their journey will take them into a story like no other

Peaky Blinded

Peaky Blinders inspired - Billy Kimber & Polly Shelby welcome you to The Garrison for a few drinks and a flutter before The Derby. It's a big night. Guests will be treated to the vocals of songstresses 'Double Trouble' But when news that the Lee's gang have turned up things get heated. Who fired the gun shot? Who was the target? Who isn't leaving The Garrison alive?

A cabaret, a sing-a-long and a Murder Mystery this event can stand alone or with additional live music entertainment.

Amazing Night in Nottingham Friday night. The actors were great and the whole setup of it was brilliant. Me and my wife had an amazing night!! Would definitely go again if I had the chance!!

Malice In Wonderland


Join us down the rabbit hole for much madness & mayhem. News that that enemy forces want to make Wonderland calm & peaceful does not go down well with The Red Queen who vents her fury at it's leader. The White Rabbit is late to pay his debt and at what costs. Is the Hatter hallucinating or is he really seeing the truth. And where on earth is Alice?

"I have had numerous comments about how fantastic the night was and how it was great to have something different. Seeing people with tears in their eyes and full of laughter was all the confirmation I needed to know the evening was a success, so thank you". 

  A unique fusion of gastronomy and theatre.

A unique fusion of gastronomy and theatre.

Themed Supper Club/The Theatre of Dining

A unique fusion of gastronomy and theatre. Each themed supper club combines food and performance combine to provide a unique experience for guests. We can create any theme for you. Here are a few ideas:

  • Seven Deadly Sins
    Dare to enter a stunning world of vice and sin. Each represented by the stories, performers and of course the food. See, hear and taste the deadly 'sins'. Will diners be tempted by Vice? Who is Envious of the delicious food? Is Greed really a bad thing? Guests can choose to participate, ask questions, undertake simple task or simply watch how the deadly the Sins really are.

  • Cheese Night
    Welcome to the Ultimate Suburban Dinner party. Sip a Snowball before sitting down to cheese and pineapple on sticks before a fondue. Dust off your Demis Roussos and pull on your polyester flares as your hosts invite you to an Abigail's Party meets The Good Life Experience.

Walkabout characters

  Roving entertainment.

Roving entertainment.

Our wonderful walkabout characters provide a real sense of fun and entertainment at your event. Whether it's just a meet and greet, roving entertainment or a full immersive theatrical experience our professional character actors will mix, mingle and entertain your guests. We can provide any characters to match your existing theme. Popular choices include:

  • Sherlock Holmes. Holmes & Watson will provide a welcome to your guests while their comedy banter will entertain as they mingle with guests.

  • Psychic extraordinaire Madame Florence will predict your fortune.

  • Music hall legend Marie Lloyd entertains with traditional music hall songs.

  • Victorian Gothic

  • Our cheeky Victorian thief will make things disappear (don't worry they will reappear )and delight with sleight of hand magic tricks. The bawdy cheeky Victorian Gin Seller who will join you with some cheeky cockney banter and a tipple or two.

  • Other characters include the mesmerizing Fortune Teller to wow and amazing your audience, the decrepit Butler, the so called Cook.

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