Games of Thrones meets a very British tale

It’s been a busy old time for us at Blackwatch Entertainment. In addition to some exciting new shows in the pipeline, we have been busy with a traditional piece of theatre for the Brighton Fringe. As the popular Game of Thrones wrapped up this week it was amazing to hear so many of the same lines on screen that feature in Bloody Mary, a play that was written a number of years ago - proving that audiences love a good story (and great costumes too).

Written by our very own Bernie C Byrnes, Bloody Mary - In Service to the True God has been enjoying a week’s run at the Sussex Festival. The traditional theatre piece is a historical tale of Mary Tudor which cleverly weaves in current political speeches and follows a very modern political story proving that history does indeed repeat itself.

Rehearsals took place at The Globe and what an amazing experience it’s been to be preparing this piece of history at the most famous theatre of all time. Bloody Mary opened to a nearly full house this week. Despite so much great stuff to watch at this year’s Fringe the show has been playing to audiences of all ages due to it being perfectly timed with the current political agenda.

So as we take to the stage for the last time tomorrow we bid farewell to the seaside and head to new pastures and developing our amazing new project Game Over which features augmented reality and live performance. The contrast could not be more different and that is just the way we like it.

Mary Tudor