What actually happens at a Blackwatch Event?

Well the thing is if we were to tell you exactly what happens we’d have to kill you! That’s what we do! But realistically every event is completely different which makes it exciting both for the actors and the guests.

What we can tell you is that fun is at the heart of what we do. By the time guests turn up all the prep work has been done, we’ve spoken to your venue, shared the timings and then it’s time to party!

And party is just what we do best. With actors that have been personally auditioned we know they want you to have a great time just as much as you do. So they are there to get the party started with the best way they know how. A dramatic entrance!

There’s always a bit of a to-do, it can be an argument, someone bursting into tears or even a murder. This sets the scene and gives the audience their first taste of what’s to come.

In all our shows we love to interact with guests, even getting them involved (if they want to, no one is ever forced to do anything they don’e), a touch of cabaret, sing-a-long and some things that you just wouldn’t expect (we’re not going to reveal our secrets here).

Whatever your event is. However large or small. We know that with us you will have a great time.