We're Award Winning!

We are delighted to be able to announce that we have won an award. Today we learned that we have won, The 2018 Greater London Enterprise Awards for Excellence in Unique Event Management 2018.

In real terms this makes no difference to us as we always strive to be unique and excellent but it’s amazing to have some external recognition for the hard work put in both from our teams of amazing actors across the UK and also the behind the scenes work.

By the time our shows get to our clients so much has happened. Ideas have been mooted, scripts created, characters come alive and actors sourced, auditioned and rehearsed. It all takes time as we believe that good things take time to happen.

Then we ensure that each client is treated an an individual and each event is both excellent and unique.

Clearly, we are doing something right as today’s award goes to show. We are do proud to have this recognition for the hard work behind the scenes.

*Now just dusting off that acceptance speech*


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