Murder Mystery Dinners

 Sparkle & Fun

Sparkle & Fun

Tis the season to be murdered. Your guests turn detective while the comedy and drama unfolds. Everyone is a suspect. But who committed the dastardly deeds?

Don't fancy dinner? No problem.  Work out Whodunit over drinks & nibbles.

For something unique our Immersive events offer an evening of actor led drama with the chance for guests to be as involved as much or as little as they wish.

Blackwatch Entertainment's professional actors set the scene for an interactive comedy show where the emphasis is on fun - It's Christmas after all.  All shows have been performed hundreds of times. So you are guaranteed a great time. We bring everything with us so all you need to worry about is having fun (and staying alive).

We work across the whole of the UK (and abroad). No venue? No problem. We can come to your home or suggest a perfect venue.

Perfect for all ages, we can work with as few as eight  guests up to many hundreds. Whether it's a small dinner party or a large corporate event our experienced professional actors will take care of everything. 

If you are looking for something very different please check out the Curiously Live pages for further entertainment ideas. 

Festive Fun 

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Tinsel Town Terror:  - Gangsters & Molls - Back to the 20s so get your glad rags on and meet gangsters, Hollywood movie moguls, and good-time girls. Be warned a Murderer is among you.

Murder Under The Mistletoe -  Lord and Lady Thornley-Cruttock invite you for mince pies & mulled wine.  But where on earth has Pete Spreading put his greenhouse keys? And who is Santa kissing under the Xmas tree. We can adapt this theme to any era.

Death and the maiden voyage - 1920's murder mystery:  Step on board Captain Bob Upendown's luxury liner for a very special festive voyage. But it’s not going to be plain sailing. When the guest cabaret artist is murdered everyone must turn detective to catch the killer.

Live & Let Dine

Peak or Blinded? - Peaky Blinders inspired Event - Billy Kimber & Polly Shelby welcome you to The Garrison for a pre Derby party.   But when news that the Lee's gang are set to ruin the night and things get a little heated. Who is the person that fired the shot?  Who isn't going to be leaving alive? This combines live actors, a festive sing-a-long and cabaret.

James Bond 007 Live and Let Dine - When the most expensive diamond ever discovered is stolen it's time to call on The Man With The Golden Gun. When a murder takes place  Bond needs to solve it before the Goldfinger is pointed at the wrong person. A perfect spy theme and an homage to classic Bond movies that are so well known and loved.

Invisible Murder:  Our murderous staff are among the real waiters, chefs and servers. But guests won't know who is who.  When Chef reveals dinner is delayed, a waitress get electrocuted and a guest is ejected for drunken behaviour it's clear all is not quite as it should be. When a murder takes place the real guests need to solve Whodunit and why? As well as the comedy whodunit this event combines elements of cabaret and song

A night to remember - Film director Herbie Hinds' movie is finally going to get made. But Herbie hasn't paid the Mob their protection money. Rumour has it the've got a very special 'gift' for him. Why did Herbie get PI Rick Tracy to spy on his film star wife?  Events take a  shocking turn resulting in a spectacular finale. This exciting event can be themed: Modern Day, 1930s or 40s Film Noir and can be multi roomed if required.

Murder on the ‘Homefront’ - 1940's Wartime murder mystery : In the normally sleepy village of Wimlington-on-Sea murder is afoot. You are invited to Wimlington Manor for a charity gala to raise money for the war effort. But everything is not as it seems…

Malice In Wonderland: It's the night before Christmas but all is not well in Wonderland. The White Rabbit is late to pay his debts. The Mad Hatter is getting more forgetful & starting to hallucinate. The Red Queen is furious her mince pies have gone missing. And where on earth is Alice? This is a twisted take on the ever popular classic. So do feel free to join us for madness, murder and Malice 

More than Murder 

Immersive Experiences- A truly unique event. Designed for groups of 20+ our professional performers tell a story where the audience are invited to take part as much (or as little) as they wish.  This can be done over formal dining or just drinks.  Your guests receive some background to the event and on arrival the experience begins. Short scenes are performed to all after which the fully costumed professional performers are available for questioning and will banter with your guests (and pose for pictures). We also include cabaret and a sing-a-long to get your audience's toes tapping and ready to get up and dance the night away.

We provide your guests with character profiles, clues and questions to ask the actors and all themes end in a very spectacular finale. Choose from a 1920s, 30s or Film Noir Event, Peaky Blinders or our Malice In Wonderland experiences. 

Cabaret SOS - Part panto, part cabaret. Lots of audience interaction. Our comedy cabaret combines well known songs with patter and even includes members of your party as we create our act just for your event. 

Check out more information the Curiously Live pages of our website

Types of dinner style events

We don't provide the food but can suggest catering options & venues. Timings are flexible from 2 - 4 hours.

Bespoke (8-28):  Hosted by two actors. All guests adopt a suspect pseudonym and the event is created around the number of men and women attending. We can even add a few personal details.

Classic (20-50 guests): Hosted by two or four professional actors. Several guests play suspect parts while everyone plays detective. No one knows if they are the murderer. 

Classic Plus (30-100 guests): Hosted by up to six professional actors. Several of your guests play suspect parts while everyone plays detective. 

Immersive: A flexible format which is a touch of theatre and a Whodunit. Actors circulate the room and scenes are played out to everyone. Guests are encouraged to get involved as much or as little as they wish.

Prices start at £450 for an entire evening of entertainment. Contact us for a quote.


 Is this the face of a killer? That's for you to decide

Is this the face of a killer? That's for you to decide

 Do we know who stole the Tarts? - Malice in Wonderland   

Do we know who stole the Tarts? - Malice in Wonderland