Don't **** with the Peaky Blinders

The new series of the ever popular series has just started and it’s bigger, better and badder than ever. In tribute to the original Peaky Blinders our version is more popular than ever. Do you fancy yourself as a Shelby or a Lees? Either way get ready to take a trip back in time to the Garrison for a night of song, great food and some dodgy dealings.

Our next outing for this show is on the RS Hispaniola on 25th September. The first of four events at this amazing venue opposite the London eye where guests will be treated to a night of entertainment and delicious food.

On arrival you will meet characters inspired by the show (and a few others) who will chat to guests as they mingle. Expect the unexpected, fights, arguments and shots fired throughout the night culminating in a rather spectacular finale.

Twists, turns and secrets uncovered. Don’t be shy though, if you ask the right questions you may be given some classified information.

Get your glad rags on and ready to party Shelby style at this unique, immersive event in the heart of London.

See info below for ticket prices and how to book

A night at The Garrison you will never forget (if you stay alive)

A night at The Garrison you will never forget (if you stay alive)