Time to celebrate - We're winners again!

It’s no surprise that 2019 has been tricky for some companies. But we’ve never been busier and we’re loving it. So it’s amazing to have been awarded SME’s Greater London Enterprise Awards 2019, Leading Providers of Live Entertainment 2019

What this actually means is anyone in the running has shown expertise within a given field, dedication to customer service, and commitment to excellence and innovation.  

We always strive to provide our clients with the best we possibly can to ensure they get the best experience. Over the past few months corporate clients have included Ford, Mercedes, Estee Lauder, Unilever and American Express as well as many hundreds of private clients.

Whoever books an event with us is looking for something different and lots of fun and that’s what we do - in bucketloads. While we can talk passionately about it, write about it there is nothing like experiencing one of our shows.

So what is it you do? That’s a reasonable question. What we do is all about the live performance. When our actors meet the guests and the show begins something magical happens. The energy created by the actors who work alongside the audience is mesmerising and that’s why we call our sister company Curiously Live. We know that sometimes audiences are unsure what to expect, nervous, apprehensive or even disinterested. At first. But the time they leave we always hear ‘that was so much better than I thought it would be’.

As we head to the Festive season - and it’s looking set to be a very busy one this year once again we shall give our selves a little pat on the back, raise a glass of something fizzy (water in this heat) and crack on with doing what we do and do it brilliantly

Tamara Wilder