Murder Mystery Dinners

Don't trust any of this lot - No one messes with the Peaky Blinders

Don't trust any of this lot - No one messes with the Peaky Blinders

A classic murder mystery format from award winning experts. While the comedy & drama unfolds everyone decides who committed the dastardly deeds.

Wherever you are based one of our professional local teams will come to you. Our interactive shows offer the chance for guests to play suspects (but no one knows Whodunit).  All shows are professionally written by us, tried & tested thousands of times. This means they are packed with jokes and you get a unique story. We bring everything with us. All you need to worry about is having fun - and staying alive.

Once your booking is confirmed your event will be managed personally. We are always on hand to help with any questions or requests.

We work anywhere in the UK (and abroad). No venue? No problem. We can come to your home or suggest a venue.

Whether it's a small dinner party or a large corporate event, we only use experienced professional actors. We understand that there’s only once chance to create a special occasion.

If you are looking for something very different please check out the Curiously Live pages for further entertainment ideas. 

Types of dinner style events

Perfect for all ages our events are fun, comedy murder mysteries (we don't provide the food but can suggest catering options & venues). Timings are flexible from 2 - 4 hours.

Perfectly formed (8-28): All guests adopt a suspect pseudonym for the night and all take part in the Whodunit. We can even add a few personal details for a special occasion and for extra fun adapt the theme of your choice for the number of men and women in your party.

Having it Large (20-50 guests): Hosted by two or four professional actors. Several of your guests play suspect parts while everyone plays detective. No one knows if they are the murderer. 

Size doesn’t matter (30-100 guests): Hosted by up to six professional actors. Several of your guests play suspect parts while everyone plays detective. 

Immersive: A flexible format which is a touch of theatre and a Whodunit. No need to have formal dining as the actors circulate the room and scenes are played out to everyone. Guests are encouraged to get involved as much or as little as they wish. Min of four actors.

Prices start at £400 for an entire evening of entertainment. Contact us for a quote.

Check out our themes below to find the perfect murder mystery for you.


Leeds castle monage pic.jpg

Tinsel Town Terror - Gangsters & Molls. Set at the launch of a big budget movie, you’ll meet gangsters, Hollywood movie moguls, good time girls and more. Be warned a Murderer is among you

Murder at the Manor -  Lord and Lady Thornley-Cruttock invite you for champers & canapés.  Where has gardener Pete Spreading put his greenhouse keys? The murder of the Lord leads to twists, turns and very surprising revelations. We can adapt this theme to any era.

Death and the maiden voyage - 1920's:  Join Captain Bob Upendown for a very special voyage. But it’s not going to be plain sailing. When the guest cabaret artist is murdered during the Welcome Aboard party everyone must turn detective to catch the killer.

Murder on the ‘Homefront’ - 1940's Wartime : In the normally sleepy village of Wimlington-on-Sea murder is afoot. You are invited to Wimlington Manor for a charity gala to raise money for the war effort. But everything is not as it seems…

A night to remember (Immersive) - Film director Herbie Hinds' movie is finally going to get made. But Herbie hasn't paid the Mob and they're not happy. Events take a  shocking turn resulting in a spectacular finale. This exciting event can be themed: Modern Day, 1930s or 40s Film Noir and can be multi roomed if required.

Peak or Blinded?  (Immersive)- Peaky Blinders inspired show - It's Derby day. Billy Kimber & Polly Shelby welcomes you to The Garrison for a few drinks and a flutter. Lucious Liver birds Lilly & Milly are performing for the first time. But when news that the Lee's gang has sent someone to ruin the night things get heated. Who fired the gun shot? Who was the target? Who isn't going to be leaving The Garrison alive?

Malice in Wonderland: (Immersive) Join us down the rabbit hole for much madness & mayhem. News that that enemy forces want to make Wonderland calm & peaceful does not go down well with The Red Queen who vents her fury at it's leader. The White Rabbit is late to pay his debt and at what costs. Is the Hatter hallucinating or is he really seeing the truth. And where on earth is Alice?

Modern day:

James Bond 007 Live and Let Dine - When the most expensive diamond ever discovered suddenly goes 'missing' it's time to call on The Man With The Golden Gun. When a murder takes place  Bond needs to solve it before the Goldfinger is pointed at the wrong person. A perfect spy theme and an homage to classic Bond movies that are so well known and loved. 

Murder at The Manor - There is more to village life that the Constance Noring's WI cake sale and Rev Gordon Bennett's sermons. But who could have predicted a murder would be announced? This is a comedy murder mystery with lots of silliness and murder guaranteed.

Invisible Murder (Immersive): Our murderous staff are among the real waiters, chefs and servers. But your guests won't know who is who.  When the Chef reveals that dinner is delayed, a waitress get electrocuted and a guest is ejected for drunken behaviour it becomes clear that all is not quite as it should be. When a murder takes place the real guests need to solve Whodunit and why? As well as the comedy whodunit this event combines elements of cabaret and song.

Red Carpet Catastrophe: It’s the award ceremony that people would kill to go to. While many covet the secret awards only few are invited and even less achieve success. Who killed the demanding Diva? So many have reasons, motive and opportunity. But Whodunit? Step on the red carpet and get your glad rags on as there will be reporters, directors and the hottest talent in tinsel town. However when warnings of a mystery guest and a murder takes place who is keeping secrets and who is telling lies? That’s for you to decide.


Hen Party: Murder mystery

Hen party: Murder mystery - A Taste of Your Own Medicine - Step onto the red carpet with  a murder mystery set at the  launch of new celebrity magazine - Oi! Guests play celebrity characters.

Death & The Maiden Voyage - 1920s. It's cocktail hour as you and your fellow hens set sail on a luxury ocean liner but when the photographer goes missing murder is afoot.

We create these comedy events just for you with personalised clues and a script adapted to include personal information about the Bride, Groom and wedding. 

Just an idea of how much fun we have....