Shout Shout Let It All Out

We love to tell everyone what we do and really appreciate the time people take to tell us how much they enjoyed out events. So it was really flattering to be asked by Buzzfeed to be interviewed about what it's really like running a business. The web based entertainment & news company selected six quirky and interesting small business to be filmed in their quite simply stunning London offices.

Always up for a bit of chat, we had a great day chatting about all things entertainment (and munching on rather delicious eats. Those guys know their vegan delights from their turmeric smoothies: yum). Since our days are mostly spent holed up in a country pile thinking of new ways to murder (well sat behind a desk creating new shows) it was great fun to see who else is out there making their business dreams come true. We got to shout loud and proud about the great stuff we do here at Blackwatch and our partners-in-crime which included two ladies who are doyenne's of modern weaving (in Hackney obviously), experiential drink makers (no, neither did we), comedian's who run beer companies and of course our good selves.  We know it's hard to be heard these days as we are all bombarded constantly with updates, social media stories and cat videos - so give us a chance to speak and there is no stopping us. 

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