What makes us different?

We are all over stimulated these days. It's quite amazing we even leave the house with Netflix (other providers are available) at our finger tips, home cinemas, on demand entertainment and the internet. So when we do finally leave the comfort of home we are all looking for something different to do. And that's where we come in.

There are lots of companies out there offering entertainment in all guises. Find your way our of an Escape room, find your way into secret events and be wowed and amazed at the skills of what human beings can offer all in the name of entertainment. So how do we do what we do to ensure that we keep doing it?

The answer to this lies with our clients. Check out our testimonials here on our website. The main feedback from clients is that we truly care about what we do. Just last night someone said: "You love doing this don't you" and it's true we do. Another this morning said: "I've done my research and you sound like you really want to do the job". We really do. We completely appreciate that while we've done literally thousands of shows at a range of different events for each client it is likely to be their first and every occasion and celebration is as special as the last. There is no question that we don't want to hear and no event is less important. Not everything is possible but we will always look to find a solution.

We pride ourselves on being able to ensure that what we do is the best we can. This is everything from the first contact with one of our team, to providing creative solutions for any event, being flexible with how and event is run and offering the highest quality of performers who are also excited about creating first rate events and celebrations. It doesn't matter to us that it's a party of eight or a performance for many hundred each client is important and every event is unique. We also ensure that we personally audition each and every actor that works with us to make sure they 'cut it'. We don't want divas or people that are simply filling time before Hollywood comes calling. We work with vibrant energetic and talented performers who love to do what we do. Therefore you know that you are getting people that want to be there as much as you do.

Having worked in entertainment for over 15 years we know what works and where corners have been cut and starting Blackwatch Entertainment the focus was to do what we know but do it better. And that is what we think keeps us competative and different. 


Leeds castle monage pic.jpg
The whole night was incredible from start to end
— Lisa Lamb - 13th Anniversary celebration event