Still live & staying a-live

The new website seems to be causing a bit of a stir. Since we re launched at the beginning of the month we’ve been inundated with enquiries for new and creative projects. This has led to some weird and wonderful brainstorming and some rather exciting projects in the pipe line. This is what we love. Helping clients go from initial discussion to big smiles and gasps of WOW at each of our shows.

But we never forget what’s at the heart of what we do and that’s bring our passion for live performance to as many people as possible. This week we’ve been entertaining clients which include Experian, Earnst & Young and a classic Whodunit at the gorgeous Leeds Castle. These days (yes I realize I sound extraordinarily ancient) to draw attention away from our phones and to even leave the house is a challenge. Why bother to drag ourselves away from the sofa when we have all the entertainment that we ever need at our finger tips. This is the challenge that we love to rise to. We truly believe that there is something extraordinary that happens when people are participating in the live performance experience. Whether it’s watching amazing live musician, toe tapping dancers or a theatrical experience the energy of real people simply can’t be replicated by a Netflix box set. To watch our audiences laugh, interact and gasp at our shows is incredible and the chance to meet and chat to them after a show a true privilege and shows that despite home cinemas and multiple channels nothing truly matches the experience of live performance. To find out more click on our Curiously Live pages. Even better, give us a call.